Barony of Endewearde                                                                                Updated: July 12, 2015

NAME: Sir Ané du Vey


Annet du Vey

This name was registered in November of 2003 (via the East).

The following device associated with this name was registered in November of 2003 (via the East):

Blank heraldic shield


Argent, a chevron inverted ployé vert in chief a fleur-de-lys inverted purpure and a chief invected vert.





Note: The COA database listing above is not in sync with the final decision letter he received stating that Ané de la Vey is the correct spelling of his name (based on research of names in Southern France). His submitted research was from another part of France and supported the spelling variation Ané du Vey, which he prefers.


Ané du Vey

* 07/11/2015 Knight  
  07/16/2005  Companion of the Silver Crescent
   01/27/2007  Companion of the Tygers Combattant
   09/27/1998  Award of Arms
   01/28/2012  Queen's Order of Distinction (Kiena I)
   09/28/2013  Baron, Barony of Endeweard
   09/28/2013  King's Cypher


Thanet Household

Former Squire of Syr Cedric of Thanet

All awards are assumed to have been given in the East Kingdom unless otherwise noted.


East Kingdom Order of Precedence (original database covers entries up through mid-2012)
Entry found for Ane du Vey

East Kingdom Order of Precedence (new database)
Entry for Ane du Vey

SCA Ordinary & Armorial
Entry found for Annet du Vey

Personal correspondence (2007) between Ané du Vey and Bryn Millar regarding the final decision letter received from the College of Heralds.

Chivalry honor witnessed at Great Northeast War (Province of Malagentia). Sent on vigil Friday 7/10/2015 (evening court) and knighted Saturday, 7/11/2015 (morning court).

* indicates highest level award