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Order of Precedence

A List of the Award and Honors 
of the Current Residents 
of the Shire of Endewearde 

Updated: October 31, 2012

The following provide lists of the awards and honors held by current residents of the East Kingdom of the Shire of Endewearde. 

A description of East Kingdom awards can be found at

The article Orders, Awards, and Honors of the Kingdoms and Principalities of the Society for Creative Anachronism contains a description of all of the awards of different kingdoms.


Sources: Based on the Order of March for the East Kingdom, the East Kingdom Precedence Reference,
official East Kingdom Court reports and the SCA Armorial which lists registered names and devices.

Please send any corrections or additions to this list to Lady Bryn Millar 

Do you have a question about whether or not you reside in Endewearde? You may wish to refer to the file Endewearde Territory that provides a list of town names and postal codes to determine if you reside within Endewearde's borders.

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