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Barony of Endewearde
Endewearde Hunt: In Pursuit of the Unicorn

Friday October 11 through
Monday October 14, 2013

A Royal Progress event of the second reign of
Kenrick of Warwick & Avelina Keyes

The event site is a private  residence in Newburgh, Maine.


Endewearde Hunt: In Pursuit of the Unicorn


Join the Barony of Endewearde as we celebrate the beauty that is autumn with our tradition of the Endewearde Hunt.

Archery is our focus for the weekend and a wide variety of shoots are planned for both novices and experts. The two archery highlights are the woods walk and the challenge for Endewearde's First Archer.

A potables competition will be held, which will include both East Kingdom judging as well as populace judging aspects.

We will have thrown weapons, a handful of classes, and active games. Merchants are welcome.

The Hunt for the Unicorn Tapestries will be the theme for this year's Endewearde Hunt. Various aspects of this work will be woven through the archery shoots and activities of the weekend.

The site offers beautiful primitive camping space. Private above ground campfires are welcome. Dogs are welcome on site but must remain on a leash at all times. Port-a-potties will be located conveniently throughout the site.

A light dayboard will be offered midday on Saturday. Saturday evening will feature a potluck supper so that we may dine together and celebrate the day's victories. Please bring your favorite dish, medieval or not.

This site is both dry and wet. It is dry in that there is NO running water; plan to carry in whatever water you and yours will need for the weekend. It is wet in that you may bring and enjoy whatever legal libations you choose. The site is fully accessible by ordinary vehicles. In the event of heavy rain, however, we reserve the right to restrict vehicular access to certain areas and some may find it necessary to carry their gear to and/or from the campsites.

Site opens: 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 11th
Site closes: 1:00 p.m. on Monday, October 14th

Event Location

Private residence
2910 Western Avenue
Newburgh, ME 04444

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  • Read the newest event updates on the facebook event page
     The Endewearde Hunt: In Pursuit of the Unicorn

  • Parking: You will find parking at the end of the private road that leads down a little hill into a small open field. 

  • Drinking Water: For your convenience you may wish to bring your own drinking water. There is no running water on site.   

  • Facilities & Handicap Accessibility: Porta-potties are available on site, including one handicap accessible porta-potty. You are traveling on dirt & gravel roads & paths and across lawn area. If you have any questions regarding accessibility please contact Baroness Margaret of Rochester.     

  • Paperwork Is Required For Guest Minors: If you are bringing Minors (youth under 18 years old) who are not your own children or for whom you do not have legal guardianship then you MUST have the Minor Consent To Participate And Hold Harmless waiver document signed for each child by their parent/legal guardian and brought with you to present at check-in gate. Please note that this form will be kept by our entrance gate staff as part of our SCA event records:

    Any minor not in the company of their parent or legal guardian at any SCA event must have in their possession the following form, Medical Authorization for Minors, which has been completed by their parents before the event and witnessed by a Notary Public. The person responsible for the Minor that day should also have a Medical Authorization for Minors form in their care for the duration of the SCA event:
    Please contact the Event Steward, Baroness Margaret of Rochester, for additional assistance with questions regarding Guest Minors.

  • Clothing: An attempt at pre-17th century clothing is required to attend any SCA event. If you are new to attending SCA events then you need to know that all SCA event participants wear clothing that is suitable for the SCA period (approximately 600 - 1600). Please contact our Newcomer coordinator, Lord Finan, ahead of time to make arrangements to borrow appropriate clothing (called "garb"). Limited loaner clothing will be available at the event. Endewearde has a simple and comfortable selection of loaner clothing in a wide variety of sizes to help you attend our SCA events.

  • Dayboard: If you haven't attended an event with a dayboard (lunch) then you need to know that you are expected to bring your own sturdy bowl, plate, drinking cup, utensils and napkins. It is recommended you bring a plastic bag to store your dishware after lunch as there won't be access to sinks or running water to rinse them off.  One useful tip is to bring a paper plate to place over your sturdier plate; the paper plate is discarded after your meal and you get to pack home a relatively clean plate. Please plan to bring a bowl that makes it easy for you to carry hot soup once served.  If you are staying for both lunch and dinner please plan your feastware needs accordingly. 

  • Keep Warm, Be Comfortable: You will be outside most of the time walking across fields, gently rolling hills, and possibly through the woods. Please consider bringing a warm cloak or coat -- although the temperatures may be pleasantly warm on the day of the event, the temperature drops quickly as the sun sets in October.  Please bring a folding chair and  water for your own comfort.

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A couple of notes, particularly as you plan your food needs for the weekend:

  • Don't forget water. The site has none.

  • Don't forget trash bags. Pack it in, pack it out.



5:00 PM - Open the gates


Early AM Oatmeal Bar

10:00 AM: Archery ranges open

10:00 AM to Noon: Hurling History
 (Field behind Dayboard). Knee pads, elbow pads, and head protection recommended.

10:30 AM: Enameling Instruction & Demo
(Lighted Lantern Encampment)

11:00 AM:- Baron and Baroness of Endewearde sit in state

12:00 PM:  Dayboard open, Ranges closed

1:30 PM: Archery Woods Walk, ranges closed

2:00 PM - Greatsword Workshop
(Upper field near parking)

2:30 PM: Brewing Competition and Round Table (Bards’ Hill )

3:30 PM: Making a Quick Soft Cheese (Alexandre and Adrienne’s Camp)

5:00 PM:  Soda Tasting
(Bard’s Hill)

5:00 PM: Potluck Dinner - please bring a dish to share.

6:30 PM:  Endeweard Hunt Guild meeting (Lord Seamus’ camp)



Early AM: Bacon tasting

9:00 AM: Soap Making (fire pit). Come help stir the big pot!

10:00 - Noon: Irish Cattle Raid
(Bards’ Hill)

10:00 AM: Archery ranges open

12:00 PM:  Archery ranges close for First Archer competition set up

12:00 PM: Pickle Fest
12:00-1:00 PM: No dayboard will be served. Please plan bring your own lunch.

1:00 PM: Endewearde First Archer competition

2:00 PM: Archery ranges open for all

2:00 PM: Aneleda’s Enchanted Ground (Baroness Aneleda's camp). There will be a small Land Tax requested for those entering the land’s borders - one story told “in persona.” Baroness Aneleda will present a small token to all who come prepared and pay the Land Tax.

2:30 PM: Calligraphy with Alexandre (Alexandre & Adrienne's camp)

4:00 PM:  Archery ranges close for the event

5:00 PM: Court

There is no formal supper plan. Please plan to bring your own meal.


1:00 PM - Site closes 


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If you are new and attending your first few SCA events please click here to refer to the collection of Newcomer Information articles linked from the Endewearde website.

Please contact our Newcomer coordinator for assistance in understanding what to bring for your comfort to an SCA event, what to pack for dayboard and evening feast, and to make arrangements to borrow appropriate clothing (called "garb") for an event. Write to Lord Finan and mention that you would like to learn more about attending your first SCA event. If you need to borrow medieval clothing for this event (such as a simple tunic you can wear over everyday clothing) please let Lord Finan know ahead of time so he can help find a comfortable tunic in your size.  

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The Endewearde First SCA Event Sponsorship Program is designed to help welcome potential or new SCA members to their first event by defraying some of the cost. Any current paid member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), may sponsor one other person allowing that person to receive free admission to their first SCA event held by the Barony of Endewearde. This program requires that the SCA member's sponsored guest never have attended any SCA event before. Its goal is to allow paid members to introduce others to the SCA by accompanying them to an event, while permitting the guest to see what we're all about and what it is that we do without incurring the costs of the event fee and the Non Member Surcharge (NMS). The following conditions apply:

1. Any paid member of the SCA can sponsor ONE guest and get them into their first SCA event in Endewearde with no fees. Remember, it's one for one. (A single SCAdian member certainly can bring a whole new family as guests, but under the sponsorship program, only one of those guests gets their site fee and NMS waived.)

2. The paid SCA member acting as sponsor must accompany their guest through Troll / Check in Gate.

3. The paid SCA member acting as sponsor must garb their guest (either by making arrangements for Gold Key garb or with their own or someone else's garb).

4. This program does NOT waive separate feast or dayboard fees. It only applies to admission fees.

5. It's up to the SCA member and their guest to verify that this is, in fact, their guest's first SCA event.

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Site : Adult Weekend - $16
Adult Single Day - $12

Minor Weekend - $11
Minor Single Day - $7

Babes in Arms - free

*a $5 non-SCA member surcharge will be added to adult non-members
Feast: There is no fee for the potluck, but please bring a dish and serving ware.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA-Maine, Inc. Endewearde

Please mention to the gate staff when you are checking in if you are planning to participate in the Endewearde Sponsorship program. 

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Event Steward:

Baroness Margaret of Rochester

Deputy Event Steward:

Lord Seamus Na Coille Aosda

Send Reservations to:
No reservations are required or accepted.

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Event Location

Private residence
2910 Western Avenue
Newburgh, ME 04444

Driving Directions:

  • Take your best route to I-95, Exit 174.

  • Head toward Newburgh (from the south, turn right at the exit; from the north, turn left at the exit).

  • You'll go about 1.2 miles on Rt 69, then turn right onto Rt 202/9, heading west.

  • Drive just over 4 miles, and the site will be on your right.

  • You're looking for a large white building named "Hospital Chaplaincy." Turn there and follow the drive out into the woods behind the buildings.

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