The Shire of Endewearde is hosting
Two Royal Progress Events
in October 2012


The Endewearde Hunt
Newburgh, Maine
October 5-8

  Fall Crown Tournament
Ellsworth, Maine
October 27

Two days of Archery competition, Arts & Sciences, Saturday evening pig roast, bardic challenge, and the final Royal Court of Their Royal Majesties Kenrick of Warwick and Avelina Keyes

East Kingdom event announcement of the Endewearde Hunt

The East Kingdom events website link has a description of the event,  event location, fees for single day visits and weekend attendance, driving directions, and contact information.

Endewearde Hunt Facebook page

The Endewearde Hunt faceback page has additional information regarding details and questions about the Endewearde Hunt event. Check back for regular updates.

Endewearde Hunt Bardic Challenge Facebook page

The theme of this year’s Endewearde Hunt event is "Whoso List to Hunt" by Sir Thomas Wyatt. This facebook event page provides additional  information to help you learn more about Thomas Wyatt. The Bardic Challenge will be held Saturday evening around the bonfire.

Thank you to Earl Kenric of Essex and Countess Avelina Keyes, their staff, and to all who worked & attended to make this such a special event for Endewearde.

Highlighted updates from the Endewearde Hunt facebook page (in reverse date order):

10/03/2012: Lord Gwillim Kynith has posted information for archers to compete for the title of Endewearde's First Archer on the Endewearde yahoo list.

10/03/2012: Update on Arts & Sciences classes. See below for a summary of A+S classes and the earlier posting of the basic schedule (mostly archery competition).

10/03/2012: Lord Otto Gottlieb, Endewearde Brewers' Guild Master, writes: The Endewearde Brewers' Guild is please to once again host the Annual Potables Competition at The Hunt. We are most honored to have Their Majesties in attendance. You are invited to submit ONE ENTRY PER CATEGORY for judging by your fellow brewers. Please also remember to bring a clip board, pen, clear tasting glass, water, and a chair. It is also highly recommended that you bring multiple copies of your documentation to pass around during the time your potable is being judged. This will expedite the process, but leaving ample time for Q&A.

The potables competition will begin at 4:00 PM on Sat., 10/6/12. This is between the woods walk ending at 4:00 and dinner starting at 5:00.

9/25/2012: An outline of the basic schedule has been posted on the facebook Endewearde Hunt page. Arts & sciences classes will be  added to the schedule in the near future.

9/16/2012: Thanks to everyone who helped with the Hunt site clean-up, we now have more campable area and are able to walk all around the pond. It should be a good year!

Arts & Sciences at the Endewearde Hunt
Updated: 10/03/2012

Embroidery competition with Elizabeth of Endewearde
Saturday morning - Sunday 3:00 pm
Pick up an embroidery kit, express your interpretation of the theme in stitches and share your work with others. Great embroidery expertise is NOT necessary. The joy is in sharing ideas, works and friendship with others.

Copper & Glass Acorn Bauble With Lady Alyse
Saturday 10:00 – 11:30 am
We will be using a variety of skills to create a small acorn pendant that can be pinned or hung on a necklace. We will start by learning about chemically etching copper to make a relief pattern. We'll then add disc cutting and using a dapping block to your jewelry making skills, along with creating a custom made head pin. We'll top it off with learning how to wrap a bail.
Please bring jewelry pliers if you have them. Class limit: 8 – 10
$2 - Suggested Donation to cover material costs.

Momiji-Gari: The Hunt for Crimson Leaves / Japaneese Leaf Viewing with Oguri Tatsuko
Saturday 1:00 – 2:30 pm

Momiji-Gari: the Hunt for Crimson Leaves is a long-standing tradition in Japan. The beauty of the leaves is appreciated through poetry, music, and food, some of which we will discuss. Bring a poem or a song, write one while sitting under the trees, or just share in the beauty and the romance of the fall leaves.

Fairy Village with Lord Njal Randvesson
Saturday at 4:00 pm

Gather pinecones, sticks, leaves, rocks and other natural elements found on site. We will gather together to construct a fanciful and natural village for any small creatures who may wish to inhabit it.

East Kingdom Brewing Competition
Saturday 4:00 pm

We will limit brewers to 1 entry per category (Ales/Beers, Meads/Wines, Cordials). So bring your best brew(s) for the competition and whatever you like to share around the bardic circle!

Bardic Challenge
Saturday starting around 8:00-ish pm

The theme of this year’s Endewearde Hunt event is "Whoso List to Hunt" by Sir Thomas Wyatt. It is in that spirit that we bring a Bardic Challenge to the realm with this piece as our inspiration! Pieces may be performed from the page or from memory – performances of modest length - songs, poetry, prose, theatre, or even dance – are appropriate. Original works, pieces by Wyatt, including those adapted for song, and other works appropriate the theme are welcomed! All levels of skill are encouraged to share, from novices to experienced performers.

Hand Sewn Rolled Hem With Lady Agatha
Sunday at 10:00 am
Ever wonder how to get that fine finished look on your garb? Come and meet with Lady Agatha and she will show you how to hand finish your hemming in the proper way.

A Brief History of Arm Rings with His Royal Majesty Kenric of Warwick
Sunday 10:30 - 11:30 am

We’ll cover a brief history of the use of arm-rings in Anglo-Saxon England and Scandinavia in the early middle ages. We will also cover the materials and tools needed to be able to make similar arm-rings at home. Stamps and hammers will be available to practice.

Lamp Work / Open Torch Time With Lord Nevel Sudlow
Sunday 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Donations to cover materials welcome
We will gather to learn the basics of lamp work bead making in a hands on way. Learn how to make those wonderful glass beads you see everywhere! Learn how to make different shaped glass beads. Decorate your beads with dots, raking, feathering, spirals and learn how to make stringers. We will be using the popular Hot Head Torch in this workshop. Along with a discussion on safety, tools, equipment, proper lighting, workshop procedures and annealing those glass beads.

Endewearde's First Archer Competetion
Updated: 10/03/2012
Endewearde Archers only
Sunday at 1:00 pm

Lord Gwillim Kynith, First Archer of Endewearde, has designed three shoots, with a tie breaker. Unlike previous years, there will be NO elimination shoots; every contender will be able to participate in all three shoots. The First Archer shoot will start on the range at approximately 1:00 pm on Sunday. It should be quick and fun. Everyone is encouraged to show up and cheer on our archers.

To select the contenders, eight Endewearde archers with the highest scores from the Hunt (who are present and wish to compete) will advance. Other than choosing the eight contenders, the Hunt score will have no bearing on the champion shoot scores. In fact, the first shoot will help level the playing field for all; it's called "The Equalizer."

In Service,
Lord Gwillim, Captain, NTAC

Overall Schedule for Endewearde Hunt
Updated: 9/25/2012

Friday – October 5, 2012
5:00pm - Gate open
as available – set up ranges and woods walk

Saturday – October 6, 2012

10:00 am – Ranges open
12:00 Noon - Dayboard open, Ranges closed
1:30 pm – Woods walk (Ranges must remain closed)
4:00 pm (or sooner if woods walk is completed) – Ranges open
4:00 pm Brewing competition (updated time - this was originally listed at 6:00 pm)
5:00 pm – Ranges close for the evening
5:00 pm - Pig roast and potluck
8:00ish - Bardic Challenge

Sunday – October 7, 2012

10:00 am – Ranges open
12:00 Noon – Ranges close (lunch and prep for 1st Archer Shoot)
1:00 pm – Endewearde 1st Archer Shoot (Endewearde archers only)
2:00 pm – Ranges open
5:00 pm – Ranges Close
5:00 pm - Court

Monday- October 8, 2012

1:00 pm - Site closed

Heavy weapons combat tournament in which the winner and their consort shall become Heirs to the Eastern Crown, scribal largesse competition & display, evening feast, and Royal Court of Their Royal Highnesses Edward Grey and Thyra Eiriksdottir

East Kingdom event announcement of Fall Crown Tournament

The East Kingdom events website has a description of the Fall Crown Tournament event, the location in Ellsworth (YMCA Camp Jordan), directions to the site, fees for attending the tournament, information about reservations for the evening feast, and contact information for the event organizer, Lady Sylvia du Vey, and the feast steward, Lord Gwillim Kynith. Event details - time

Endewearde Fall Crown Tournament Facebook page

The Endewearde Fall Crown Tourney facebook page has additional details and answers to questions about the event. Check back for regular updates.

Crown Tournament of Edward and Thyra

This is the website that guides you to several important aspects of the Crown Tournament event. It has a link to the Crown Tournament and Weapons Forms page, an overview of the event (mentioning dayboard, evening feast by reservation, and site specific information), a link to the YMCA Camp Jordan website, directions, fees and reservations information, as well as a link regarding instructions on submitting letters of intent to compete in Crown Tournament. 

A Scribal Largesse Challenge and Competition at Crown Tournament
Details about a blank scroll scribal competition at Fall Crown Tourney. There are three levels for competitors: novice, intermediate, and expert. Competitors may opt to donate their work after the competition. Please read the announcement for further details about materials required and alternative scroll media. 

Fall Crown Tourney format and weapons forms information for tournament competitors

This link from the Crown Tournament of Edward and Thyra website contains information regarding tounament pool seeding as a modified double elimination format and the selection for pool advancement.
It also has a link to instructions for creating a shield to display on the tournament shield tree. In addition a link is included on how to submit letters of intent to compete in Crown Tournament. 

Their Royal Majesties Edward and Thyra's website with complete information about their reign and Crown Tournament links can be found at

The East Kingdom Gazette recently had a nice summary and photos of the Crown Tourney site in Ellsworth, Maine. Read the article here.  

The list of combatants and consorts in the Fall Crown Tourney of Edward II and Thyra has been posted here to the East Kingdom Gazette and here to the Seneschal's website

Tentative Crown Tourney Schedule
as of 10/08/2012

8:00 a.m. --- Site/Gate opens

10:30 a.m. --- MOL sign in for combatants

10:45 a.m. --- Begin line up for Procession

11:00 a.m. --- Procession begins (Promptly)
Dayboard Opens (closes at the start of the quarterfinals)

12:00 p.m. --- First Round of the Tournament begins
Athena's Thimble Panel in the King Dining Hall
Scribal Largess Competition in the Triangle Lodge
Arts & Sciences display in the Triangle Lodge

***After this, all timing is approximate:
6:00 p.m. (ish) --- Court (In King Dining Hall)
7:00 p.m. --- Reset dining hall for feast
7:30 p.m. (ish) --- Feast

Evening Feast Menu
(See ingredients list below)

1st Remove

Salad with vinegar and oil dressing
Dizony Por z Pasternak i Gier 
(Stew of Parsnips, Leeks and Alexanders served on...)

Kluski z Bryndza
(cheese dumplings)

Unfortunately Alexanders bloom in the spring and early summer so therefore the Alexanders will be substituted with broccoli tops

2nd Remove

Kurczak Pieczony z Suszonymi Sliwkami
(Chicken Baked with Prunes)

served with
Zielony Sos z Musztarda
(Green mustard sauce)

Kugiel z Rzepki
(Turnip Kurdel)

(sort of like a turnip casserole)

Komposjtum z Kapusty, Cwikly, Kopru i Grzybow
 (Compositum of Cabbage, Chard, Dill and Mushroom)
Zupa Piwna z Bryndza, lub Caseata
(Beer Soup with cheese and eggs)

3rd Remove

Zrazy po Cyprjsku
(Hashmeat in the Cypriot Style (meat loaf of ham and beef))

Soczewica i Kruczmorka z Boczkiem 
(Lentils and Skirrets with Bacon)
Surowka z bialej kapusty 
(Polish Cole Slaw)

Pieczone Owoce o Krolewsku  
(Court dish of baked fruit (kind of like a cakey bread with apples, pears, raisins, almonds inside))

The head cook maintains the authority to change the menu as needed depending on availability of produce and meats.
We will accommodate those who have allergies within the limitations of our abilities and available resources.

Feast Menu Update 10/26/2012: Lady Leofwenn of Wytleseie, head cook for the evening feast, has made available the menu and ingredients for each dish.

Please click on the following two pdf titles to download a copy for your review:

Final Crown Menu (pdf) is a one page summary  of the three removes being presented for feast.

Menu for Populace (pdf) is a one page summary listing the ingredients for each dish on the menu. 

Highlighted updates from the Fall Crown Tournament facebook page (in reverse date order) and other sources:

10/26/2012 (via the Endewearde yahoo group): Lady Sylvia du Vey has identified the following Event Staff who will answer your questions in the following areas:  

Lord Gwillim Kynith: Anything Food related
Lady Alys Treeby: Gate
Don Frasier MacLeod & Mistress Mercedes de Califia: Parking attendants
William of Wyndhaven: List Field coordination
Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge: Royalty Liason
Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir: Heraldry
Lord Finan uan Celaig: Miscellaneous Things that don't fit under the other categories

When you get to the site, if you wish to help or have questions answered, please locate these local people.

10/16/2012 (via SCA East Kingdom on facebook): There will be an A&S display at Fall Crown Tournament. All artisans in the Kingdom who would like to display any A&S project they are working on, have just started or completely finished, please bring those items to the event. The items will be on public display from 12:00-3:00 pm. Documentation of any kind is not mandatory but may be displayed along with the item if the artisan deems it appropriate.

We ask that the populace bring small tokens to place by the items that are thought to be especially magnificent. This will not be for voting purposes - just for letting the artist know that his/her work is admired.

Please see Lady Agatha Wanderer in the Triangle Lodge after arriving on site on Saturday morning between 10:30 and 11:00 if you plan to display any work. Questions? Please email Agatha at

10/08/2012: The evening feast seating is now full. We are sold out. We are at maximum capacity. If you haven't sent reservation payments already, please do not. Any "check's in the mail" received will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

9/18/2012: Please submit entries for the Scribal Largesse competition (see link above) prior to the start of combat (no later than noon).

9/16/2012: Feast reservations are going fast with half the feast being sold out. Please remember the cut off date for feast reservations is October 17, 2012.

9/15/2012: Camp Jordan Pet Policy: We love dogs; they are the best. Unfortunately, pet hair presents an allergy to many of our summer campers. Please, keep dogs out of buildings and clean up their messes.

9/15/2012: Camp Jordan Smoking Policy: There is no smoking in any Camp Jordan buildings. If you have to smoke, please, dispose of your cigarette or cigar in a container. Please do not leave butts on the ground.

9/14/2012: The first 300 people will receive site tokens [made by Syr Cedric of Thanet and Hew of Albion].

9/12/2012: Dependent on the feedback he receives, Master Ryan McWhyte, Troubadour Herald of the East, might be offering a half-hour class before the tournament, "Loud 101: Beginning Tournament Voice Heraldry." He also requests that if any of those persons who have contacted him to herald for the day and who  wish to attend the class to please be on site and ready to go as early as possible.

9/10/2012: All feast reservations need to be done via "snail mail" or email to the address on the EK event listing. Please do NOT count on posting the information to facebook to reserve your seat.
9/10/2012: From the event organizer, Lady Sylvia du Vey: Residents of Tir Mara (only) may choose to send good faith reservations to Lord Gwillim for feast. Please know that you should pay in US funds at gate and should also indicate to the gate attendant that you need to pay for feast. We reserve the right to release those seats if you are not on site by noon. We are offering this option as a courtesy to help with the currency exchange.

9/09/2012: Please email Lady Sylvia du Vey if you are interested in crash space. There are a limited number of families offering space in their homes for out of town guests. There are also many fine motels in the greater Ellsworth area.

8/20/2012: This link to the  Bangor Convention and Visitors Bureau has a listing of region hotels, which you may find helpful.