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Image courtesy of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Elegant gezelschap op een terras in een op Venetië geinspireerde omgeving, anoniem, ca. 1615
Click the image above to see more detailed information
From the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amerstand, Netherlands

Endwearde's First Baronial Investiture
Saturday, September 28, 2013

10:00 AM - 8:00 PM



The Barony of Endewearde, Star of the East, Ende of the Worlde, the Last Watch Tower, the Land of Spruce, Oak, and Granite, invites all to come and bear witness to the Investiture of our founding Baron and Baroness, Lord Ané du Vey and his Lady Sylvia. Join us for a day of merriment as wise Eastern King and Queen, Gregor and Kiena, having heard the advice of Endewearde’s populace, invest titular heads for the very first time in this land at the very heart of the Kingdom.

So important is this occasion, we are celebrating it with a feast beyond imagination! Under the culinary guidance of Lord Gruffydd Abernethy and his lady, Admiranda Howard, we will be serving up an impressive array of Endewearde’s finest fare, including seafood from our bountiful oceans and game from our vast forests. We are still making specific plans and arrangements for this important day, so many details are not yet available. But, mark the date and plan to attend!

Event Location

Hammond Street Congregational Church
28 High Street
Bangor, ME 04401


FEAST IS NOW SOLD OUT, BUT THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE PLAN IF YOU AREN'T ON BOARD (9/22/2013): There are many fine restaurants and pubs in downtown Bangor, Maine within easy walking distance of the church event site. Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge is organizing an excursion for those wish to dine elsewhere while feast is being served. Contact Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge by email or speak to her at the event to indicate your interest in the feasting field trip.  If you are interested please fill out the Investiture off-board form at before Wednesday, Sept. 25th.

As is Endewearde’s custom, a satisfying dayboard will be provided for our guests; the dayboard is included in the site fees. Advance feast reservations are required and our seating is limited to 120 seated guests. Reservations must be taken on a first come, first served basis. Please include the names of all the members of your party who will be taking a seat at the feast, regardless of their age. If you wish, pre-registration for the event is also an option. If you wish to pre-register, please include your name, an email address or phone number, membership information, and a list of all those in your party, along with a check or money order for the full payment.

Update (9/07/2013): Seating for the evening feast has sold out. You may, however, contact Lord Gwillim Kynith (see below) and ask to be placed on a waiting list (first-come first-serve) for seats at evening feast in case there are cancellations.  

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  • Facebook Updates are available on the facebook event page called Endewearde's First Baronial Investiture

  • No open flames, please. We regret that we cannot use open flame for Arts & Sciences classes (such as lampwork). We also cannot use open flame or enclosed flame candles at feast. Please honor this site restriction.

  • Parking: Please plan on parking near the church and walking to the site after you have dropped off any bulky items. There is a small parking lot behind the church but it will be used for heavy list fighting in the afternoon. There is plenty of on-street parking nearby within easy walking distance.  

  • Facilities & Handicap Accessibility: The site is handicap accessible. There are no shower facilities. There are ladies and lords changing rooms.

  • Paperwork Is Required For Guest Minors: If you are bringing Minors (youth under 18 years old) who are not your own children or for whom you do not have legal guardianship then you MUST have the Minor Consent To Participate And Hold Harmless waiver document signed for each child by their parent/legal guardian and brought with you to present at check-in gate. Please note that this form will be kept by our entrance gate staff as part of our SCA event records:

    Any minor not in the company of their parent or legal guardian at any SCA event must have in their possession the following form,
    Medical Authorization for Minors, which has been completed by their parents before the event and witnessed by a Notary Public. The person responsible for the Minor that day should also have a Medical Authorization for Minors form in their care for the duration of the SCA event:
    Please contact the Event Steward, Lord Gwillim Kynith, for additional assistance with questions regarding Guest Minors.

  • Clothing: An attempt at pre-17th century clothing is required to attend any SCA event. If you are new to attending SCA events then you need to know that all SCA event participants wear clothing that is suitable for the SCA period (approximately 600 - 1600). Please contact our Newcomer coordinator, Lord Finan, ahead of time to make arrangements to borrow appropriate clothing (called "garb"). Limited loaner clothing will be available at the event. Endewearde has a simple and comfortable selection of loaner clothing in a wide variety of sizes to help you attend our SCA events. Contact Lord Finan by email at for further assistance.

  • Dayboard: If you haven't attended an event in the SCA with a dayboard (lunch) or an evening feast, then you need to know that you are expected to bring your own sturdy bowl, plate, drinking cup, utensils and napkins. It is recommended you bring a plastic bag to store your dishware after lunch. Please do not use the restroom sinks to rinse off your dishware as food waste may clog the drains.

    One useful tip is to bring a paper plate to place over your sturdier plate; the paper plate is discarded after your meal and you get to pack home a relatively clean plate. Please plan to bring a bowl that makes it easy for you to carry hot soup once served.

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Updated Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013

General Day Schedule

10:00 am Site opens
10:30 am Arts & Sciences classes
11:00 am Dayboard is served
12:30 pm Dayboard closes
12:30 pm Royal Court whereupon Lord Ané du Vey and Mistress Sylvia du Vey are made the first titular heads of the Barony of Endewearde.
2:00 pm (or right after Royal Court)
Heavy Fighting tournament (Parking Lot)
Fencing Tournament (Vestry)
2:30 pm Youth's Tea with Princess Avelina Keyes (Parlor)
3:45 pm Fighting and fencing tournaments end
4:00 pm Arts & Sciences classes end
4:10 pm First Baronial Court of the Barony of Endewearde begins.
Second Royal Court of TRM Gregor and Kiena.
5:00 pm (promptly after court)
Evening Feast commences
7:00 pm (or right after feast)
8:00 pm Site closes

Arts & Sciences Class Schedule

10:30 - 11:30   Classroom A: Arrow Fletching with Master Godric of Hamtun. A discussion of fletching techniques and equipment.

Classroom B: Leatherworking with Thora the Mad. A discussion on types of leather and how to identify them, tools and techniques.

11:00 - 12:00   Parking Lot: Great Sword Skills and Training with King Gregor von Heisler

2:00-3:00   Classroom A: Rolled Hems with Lady Agatha Wonderer.  Students will create a rolled hem cup cover.

Classroom B: Regalia 101 with Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge.  Learn how to identify and address members of Royalty and rank in the SCA.

3:00- 4:00   Classroom A: Winter Archery Skills with Master Godric of Hamtun. A discussion of ways which archers can maintain through the winter months when outdoor archery is not an option.

Classroom B: Scroll 101 with Lady Christina Crane. Do the mysteries of the illuminated page entice you? Long for the opportunity to serve the Kingdom and Barony through scroll-craft yet believe the muse Clio has spurned you?  This introductory class presents everything you need to know to begin your journey along the scribal path. No equipment or experience required.

Activities Coordinators


In planning your arrival time at the site and participation for any type of combat, please allow at least 30 minutes or more to park, haul your gear, check in at gate, gear up / get inspected, and sign up for any tournaments and classes.


Arts & Sciences Competition

The theme for the A&S competition for investiture is; "Shire to Barony".  We are looking for your increased skill in a craft from the time you first started that craft until now. Please bring your oldest surviving item in a craft and an item of your work now in the same craft to be judged by the populace for most improved artist. There are categories for  adult and child. Thank you in advance for participating in this competition and sharing your craft with us.

Evening Dance

There will be an opportunity to dance after the feast is served.



Event Steward:
Lord Gwillim Kynith 
Deputy Event Steward:
Master Godric of Hamtun 

Evening Feast:
Lord Gruffydd Abernethy & Admiranda Howard

Arts & Sciences Class Coordinator
Lady Yzabell de Perche

Feasting Field Trip Coordinator
Baroness Analeda Falconbridge

Day schedule update Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013

Of special note the fencing and fighting will end at 3:45 pm with first baronial court starting at 4:10 pm and a second Royal Court somewhere in there lasting about 1 hour. All A&S classes will end at 4:00 pm. The feast will start promptly at 5:30 pm (or after Royal Court).


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(Updated 8/29/2013)

Prepared by Lord Gruffydd Abernethy & his lady, Admiranda Howard

First Remove: Rabbit baked in pastry, Salat, Grilled mussels, Cheese Gnocchi, and Apple mousse.

Second Remove: Trenchers, Syeme of wild Game, Jellied fish, Tredura (hashed leeks with bacon), Creme boylede, and Orengat (Candied Orange).

Third Remove: Salmon grilled with herbs and spices, Rapum Armatum, Onion Salad, 
Rapé (fruit purée), and Nucato (Candied nuts).

Please contact Lord Gruffydd Abernethy regarding any dietary concerns at

Please note that no alcohol may be served or consumed at this site. We regret that  open flame candles are also not allowed (but LED lights are just fine). 

Please register by September 6, 2013 for the evening feast. Contact Lord Gwillim Kynith (see below) to be placed on a waiting list in case there are cancellations or join Baroness Aneleda for a feasting field trip in Bangor, Maine.


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If you are new and attending your first few SCA events please click here to refer to the collection of Newcomer Information articles linked from the Endewearde website.

Please contact our Newcomer coordinator for assistance in understanding what to bring for your comfort to an SCA event, what to pack for dayboard and evening feast, and to make arrangements to borrow appropriate clothing (called "garb") for an event. Write to Lord Finan and mention that you would like to learn more about attending your first SCA event. If you need to borrow medieval clothing for this event (such as a simple tunic you can wear over everyday clothing) please let Lord Finan know ahead of time so he can help find a comfortable tunic in your size.  


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The Endewearde First SCA Event Sponsorship Program is designed to help welcome potential or new SCA members to their first event by defraying some of the cost. Any current paid member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), may sponsor one other person allowing that person to receive free admission to their first SCA event held by the Barony of Endewearde. This program requires that the SCA member's sponsored guest never have attended any SCA event before. Its goal is to allow paid members to introduce others to the SCA by accompanying them to an event, while permitting the guest to see what we're all about and what it is that we do without incurring the costs of the event fee and the Non Member Surcharge (NMS).

The following conditions apply:

1). Any paid member of the SCA can sponsor ONE guest and get them into their first SCA event in Endewearde with no fees. Remember, it's one for one. (A single SCAdian member certainly can bring a whole new family as guests, but under the sponsorship program, only one of those guests gets their site fee and NMS waived.)

2). The paid SCA member acting as sponsor must accompany their guest through Troll / Check in Gate.

3). The paid SCA member acting as sponsor must garb their guest (either by making arrangements for Gold Key garb or with their own or someone else's garb).

4). This program does NOT waive separate feast or dayboard fees. It only applies to admission fees.

5). It's up to the SCA member and their guest to verify that this is, in fact, their guest's first SCA event.

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Site Fees:
Ages 14 and up, $15 (Paid Adult SCA members receive a $5 discount)
Ages 8-13, $ 5
Ages 7 and under, $ 0

Feast Fees:
Ages 14 and up, $15
Ages 8-13, $ 5
Ages 7 and under, $ 0

Please mention to the gate staff upon arrival if you are planning to participate in the Endewearde Sponsorship program when you and your guest are checking in.



Paid feast reservations must be received by Friday, September 6th, 2013. Please include names of all the members of your party who will be taking a seat at feast, regardless of age.

Make checks payable to: SCA Maine, Inc – Barony of Endewearde

Reservations may be made to Lord Gwillim Kynith at the following address:
Brian Hubbard
557 Dow Rd
Orrington, ME 04474


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Event Steward:
Lord Gwillim Kynith


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The Hammond Street Congregational Church is located in downtown Bangor, Maine at 28 High Street. There is limited parking available in the parking lot directly behind the church and ample street parking within short walking distance to the church.

Take your best route to I-95 Exit 183, US Rt 2/Hammond St. (Northbound turn right off the exit; southbound turn left off the exit). Follow Hammond St for 1.4 miles. The site, a red brick church, will be on your right at the corner of Hammond and High streets. Passenger drop-off and gear unloading can be done best by turning onto High St and pulling up beside the church.

Click here for an image of the Hammond Street Congregational Church.


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The author of this webpage is Lady Bryn Millar. The image used as the top header is available for free use through the Rijksmuseum located in Amerstand, Netherlands. 


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