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 Driving Directions to the
 Union Street Brick Church
 in Bangor, Maine

Image of the front of the Union Street Brick Church. Copyright L. Tyson, 2008.The Union Street Brick Church is used by the Shire of Endewearde for SCA events and occasionally as practice space for SCA combat arts.  The street address is:

Union Street Brick Church
126 Union Street
Bangor, ME 04401
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(the small blue arrows on the above Google map link represent one way streets in Bangor)


Driving Directions:

Other navigational aids in case you miss your turn

Here are some images of the Union Street Brick Church and surrounding area on Main Street if you are unfamiliar with Bangor.

Views standing near the Union Street Brick Church.

Side view image of the Union Street Brick Church as taken on Union Street. Copyright L. Tyson, 2008.

Side view of church as seen by following the driving directions down Union Street.

Image of the Greyhound bus terminal and of the bridge leading to Brewer, Maine as seen from the  front of the Union Street Brick Church on Union Street in Bangor, Maine. Copyright L. Tyson, 2008.Image of street signs for First and Main in Bangor, Maine. Copyright L. Tyson, 2008.

Approaching the intersection of Main Street on Union Street. The church is directly to the right side (outside of the photo) with the right turn onto First Street. Please do not use the private parking lot directly across the street.

Image of the three front doors of the Union Street Brick Church on Union Street. Copyright L. Tyson, 2008.

Front doors of church on Union Street side just below First Street. The entrance is through the third door on the right.

If you are traveling down Union Street and just missed the turn onto First Street take a right at the traffic lights onto Main Street. Go past Merrill Bank and turn right onto Cedar Street at the next set of traffic lights. Go up Cedar street and turn right onto Second Street (a two way street located just above First Street). Turn right and you are back on Union Street. 

Image of parking along both sides of First Street in Bangor, Maine. Copyright L. Tyson, 2008.

Parking is available on both sides of First Street (one-way). First Street connects with Cedar Street which has a traffic light turn onto Main Street.

Views near the church standing on Main Street

Image of downtown Bangor looking towards the Maine Discovery Museum. Copyright L. Tyson, 2008.

Standing at the corner of Main and Union Street, looking down Main Street towards the Maine Discovery Museum (grey and red brick building in center of picture above). If you are driving through downtown Bangor and coming up Main Street the museum will be on your left. Turn right onto Union Street. Then make a hard left turn onto First Street.

There are several restaurants and pubs located down this street within easy walking distance of the Union Street Brick Church.

Image of the Penobscot Theatre Company on Main Street in Bangor, Maine. Copyright L. Tyson, 2008.

The Penobscot Theatre Company is a distinctive yellow building on Main Street adjacent to the church. If you are heading towards Hampden you will pass by the Hollywood Slots casino on one side of the street and the very large statue of Paul Bunyan on the opposite side (you are on Routes 202, 9, 1A).

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