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Teachers & Helpmates


Here's a compendium of who's who to contact in the shire for help on particular projects.

Lady Aneleda Falconbridge music, food, general arts & sciences
Lord Gwillim Kynith music, brewing, dance, stained glass, scribal arts, sewing / costuming
Lord Ané du Vey armor, weapon making, SCA camping, martial activites, SCA service
Lady Sylvia du Vey mead making, costuming, equestrian barding
Mathias Fycher music, brewing, dance, stained glass, scribal arts, sewing / costuming
Mistress Baroness Mira Fionnbhar of Argyll fiber arts; Middle Eastern Arts (dance and costuming); female armor construction; bookmaking; costuming
Syr Cedric of Thanet fiber arts; woodworking; tent-making; leather and wood work; metalwork; SCA camping
Lady Bryn Millar embroidery, cooking, scribal arts, research
Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir period rapier combat, heraldry, Norse persona, schmoozing
Lady Melisaunde d’Ione music, dance, stained glass, archery

If you have questions about an activity, please email and we'll get you in touch with folks. Though ususally contact info is included in their profile on this site.

information template Send this information to Aneleda and she will add you to this list!

Many folks have awards listed in their profiles. For more information about those awards an what they mean, check this great site:

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