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Dance practice is held every other Sunday each month at Unity College from 1-3:00 pm. Period garb is optional, but encouraged, forDancers performing period dance, photo Monique Bouchard dance practices.

Dances range from simple, dances such as Maltese Bransle, Horse's Bransle, and Tangle Bransle to more advanced, like Hole in the Wall and Scotch Cap, both of which are quite intricate. 

Those interested are strongly encouraged to join the EndeweardeDance yahoo group, which requires membership to post and read messages. The group can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EndeweardeDance/ .

Bardic Arts

The campfire is the bard's home. In the SCA, the entertainers of the group relish the firelight and sing, tell stories and keep the populace merry or melancholy at their whim.

The best way to begin in the bardic arts is to simply start! Prepare a piece, a song or a story and then have it at the ready for the next campfire! In the winter, when there are not many campfires up here, we will sometimes have a revel where folks can share and sing (because it's fun!)

AHEMS - Ad Hoc Endewearde Musicians Society

The AHEMS are a largely aspirational group - there are no auditions, there is no requirement to posess any overwheming musical gift and there are no set rehersals or performances.

The AHEMS meet when someone decides to host a gathering - it's like an instrumental bardic circle. Anyone interested in hosting needs only to provide either copies of the tunes they wish to work on, or provide pdf files in advance for folks to print the music themselves.

Part of the Ad Hoc bit is that we never know when these gatherings happen...

Musical Performance

Just as many people like to play as to sing! (More, actually!) Musicians are beloved!

There are many opportunities to play an instrument in the SCA - from simple jam sessions around a campsite to rehearsed music for recorders, to live music for dances. If you are interested in our local opportunities for musical performance, please contact Aneleda at a+s@endewearde.eastkingdom.org for more information. Please tell about the instrument you currently play (or wish to), if this is the first time you've played with a group, if you read music, and any other information which could help find the appropriate activity for you.

The Ad Hoc Endewearde Musician's Society (AHEMS) has managed one meeting, but it was fun, and if we can find a space for 15 people with instruments of various sizes, we'll probably meet again!

Endewearde Bards

Gwillem at his craft, photo Brian HubbardEndewearde is proud of its singing! So we have a special place to showcase the bards of Endewearde, on their own lyrics pages, here...

Go to the Bards Pages...

Leafy Greens & Mutton

Leafy Greens and Mutton, photo Monique BouchardLeafy Greens & Mutton is a mostly medieval vocal ensemble of Endewearde singers. They perform period music at SCA demos and outreach concerts, and entertain during SCA events with a variety of music. The group performs mostly a capella vocal music, but also includes instrumentation when possible. For more information, visit their website at www.geocities.com/aneleda.

Membership is currently by invitation/audition only. If you are interested, please email Aneleda at yahoo.com and tell her about your vocal music experience. Ability to hold a non-melody part is essential; ability to read music is important.

If you have questions about an activity, please email a+s@endewearde.eastkingdom.org.

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