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Cooks Guild

The Endewearde Cooks Guild studies, re-creates and enjoys medieval- and renaissance-style food.

Endewearde has a Cooks Guild which meets several times during each month. Sometimes there is a theme, and sometimes it's more like a 'period potluck' dinner with discussion and recipe-sharing over a hot meal.

The Cooks Guild has an active newsgroup, which requires membership to post. It is also the best place to get an accurate calendar for Cooks Guild meetings.


Endewearde also has a large number of brewers!

If you are interested in the finer points (or base basics!) of mead-making, beer-brewing, or creation of wines and cordials, there are many folks who will help you! Brewing events are scheduled as demand requires, and are listed on the shire calendar.

Dayboards & Feasts

Bare Blade Feast 2007, photo Monique BouchardDayboards and feasts are another aspect of food and drink in the SCA. A dayboard is the food served at an event, most often the lunch. It can be heavy or light, depending on the needs of the event (and requests of the event autocrat!)

Feasts are much more formal events, usually with many courses and often as the highlight of an evening after an all-day event.

In either case, foods which would have been eaten in the medieval or renaissance periods are the most often served. They range from the exotic - venison flavored with saffron and cloves - to the mundane - beets and onions roasted over or in a campfire.

If you are interested in helping out with a dayboard or feast, you can contact

If you have questions about an activity, please email

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